Disclosure and Barring Service

DBS checks

In the summer of 2010, EPM launched its DBS Portal for the online processing of DBS applications. EPM offers all schools that purchase the full HR service (both HR and Payroll) the use of the DBS Portal as part of their service.

By using the DBS Portal, we can provide our customers with a fast, paperless and error free application process. That means no paper forms, no applicant signatures and no reliance on the postal service.

The scope for error with paper DBS applications is time consuming and manually intensive to manage. The DBS Portal eliminates data errors using intelligent validation and simplifies the management process.

Benefits of DBS Portal:

  • Applications (which are submitted online) are submitted to the DBS the same working day, saving on postage and printing and ensuring that application forms do not get mislaid.
  • Access to a Real-time Online management facility to track all Disclosure records.
  • Real time confirmation of disclosure result.
  • Quicker results which allow applicants to start work sooner.
  • Management and administration of the DBS checking process is reduced.

DBS Portal has reduced the application process timescales by 50%, with the majority of results available within 10 working days.