Disclosure and Barring Service

DBS Service

We are one of the largest DBS providers, placing 21st out of 3,253 registered bodies.

Our DBS Portal allows for the online processing of DBS applications, providing you with a fast, paperless and error free application process.

With all checks being completed online, this enables results to be confirmed as soon as possible. Our average turnaround time is 8 days, with 54.50% of applications being completed within 5 days.

The scope for error with paper DBS applications is time consuming and manually intensive to manage. Our DBS Portal eliminates data errors using intelligent validation and simplifies the management process.

We also have a dedicated DBS Team to assist you with all your DBS queries.

Benefits of the DBS Portal:

  • Applications submitted online are submitted to the DBS the same working day, saving on postage, printing and ensuring that application forms do not get mislaid.
  • Access to a Real-time Online management facility to track all Disclosure records.
  • Real time confirmation of disclosure result.
  • Quicker results which allow applicants to start work sooner.
  • Management and administration of the DBS checking process is reduced.
  • The DBS Portal has reduced the application process timescales by 50%.

This facility is included as part of our full HR, Payroll & Pensions Service. Alternatively, this can be purchased as a standalone service.