Keeping your school, employees and pupils safe is your number one priority. However, with Health & Safety legislation constantly changing and budgets being continually squeezed, we understand it can be hard to keep on top of all the reports, paperwork, and day-to-day duties.

This is where our sister company, Citation, come in. They are the experts in keeping schools safe, and their education-specific safety services take the complication out of compliance. They will keep your school on the right side of the law, away from costly enforcement action, and safe from harm’s way, so you can free up time and focus on all the other elements of running a school.

Citation believes you know your school best, which is why they take a flexible approach and provide solutions to suit your budget.

How Citation can help

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments play a crucial role in identifying hazards across your school, enabling you to take actions to mitigate risks before they materialise.

Citation can give you access to 100s of education-specific risk assessment templates, an online platform to distribute them with ease, and around-the-clock support from dedicated Health & Safety experts with their 24/7 advice line.

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Accident Reporting

By law, you must report certain accidents, diseases and dangerous incidents within your school. Citation can support you with preventing accidents in the first place, knowing which types need to be reported and who to, and understanding how much needs reporting.

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Health & Safety Policies

To help your school avoid fines that could reach as high as £20,000 in a Magistrate’s Court, Citation will create a Health & Safety policy that is tailored to your school’s internal and external activities.

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Manual Handling

You are legally obliged to ensure all employees who are moving or transporting pupils or objects are safely trained to do so. Citation provides unlimited access to online training courses, free awareness posters for your school’s buildings, school-specific risk assessment examples, and more.

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By law, certain substances must be stored and handled in a particular way. Citation can help you identify hazardous substances, offer guidance on their correct handling and storage, and provide you with an easy-to-use inventory function to compile all your COSHH information.

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Safe Working Practices

Robust Health & Safety management is underpinned by safe working practices, which outline the step-by-step process of completing tasks safely. Citation offer guidance on how to pull safe working practices together and what to prioritise, and a dedicated consultant will visit your school on an annual basis to ensure continual compliance.

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Why choose Citation?

  • Expertise you can trust – Citation know the education sector inside out and have been helping schools, academies and trusts to keep compliant for more than 20 years
  • 24/7 support – whether it is last minute guidance on how to complete a fire risk assessment or assistance during a developing Health & Safety crisis, Citation’s experts are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year with their advice line
  • Atlas – you can efficiently manage Health & Safety in one place using their safety management platform, which gives you access to around 100 school-specific risk assessment templates, an ever-growing list of training modules for your employees, and more
  • Prove compliance – Citation provide relevant reports, logs and certification so you can prove you have met your legal obligations
  • Quality assurance – Citation is that confident with the advice they give, they guarantee it

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