Emergency Light Testing

Emergency lights play a vital role in supporting proactive evacuation procedures, guiding people to the nearest exit or safe route in the event of an emergency. However, they will only help to protect your school if they are functioning as intended, which is why it is a legal requirement to conduct Emergency Light Testing at least every month.

This is where Citation can help, as their fully trained engineers can carry out the necessary inspection and maintenance of your emergency lighting systems. Citation can provide you with both the peace of mind that you are prepared should an emergency arise, as well as certification to demonstrate that you are legally compliant.

As a Citation customer, you will benefit from:

  • Quality assured inspection and maintenance service of your emergency lighting systems
  • Price guarantee for the best like-for-like servicing quote, guaranteeing you value for money
  • Engineers who are fully certified and FIA trained, part of an ISO 9001 certified company
  • Free Emergency Light Testing reminder service
  • Transparent pricing, with no call out or travel charges
  • Certification to prove you have fulfilled your legal requirements

Why is Emergency Lighting Testing important?

In the event of an emergency, like a fire, smoke or a power failure, emergency lights and exit signs play a critical part in supporting safe and effective evacuation procedures. Reliable and effective lighting should come on as soon as it is needed, guiding people clearly to their nearest emergency exit. The emergency lighting should stay on throughout the emergency, maintaining the quality of its brightness.

That is why it is a legal requirement to have appropriate emergency lighting installed in schools, and the BS 5266-1:2011 standards state that emergency lighting should be tested at least every month. Inspection records should also be logged.

Who can do Emergency Lighting Testing?

The monthly Emergency Light Testing which must be done to meet your school’s legal obligations can be completed and documented by a sufficiently trained employee.

However, in addition to these monthly inspections, a more comprehensive annual inspection must legally also be done. This must be carried out by a competent person with the necessary experience, training and qualifications.

This is where Citation can help, as all their engineers are accredited, experienced and have received the necessary Fire Industry Association training.

What does Emergency Lighting Testing include?

Emergency Light Testing includes thoroughly testing all emergency lights for operation and illumination, with the test date recorded. The condition of the system should be tested, as well as checking the battery drain.

Emergency Light Testing should report on system deficiencies and outline necessary actions that should be followed up.

Selected employers should be trained on how to conduct monthly inspections and an Emergency Light Certificate issued.

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