Fire Alarm Servicing

Fire alarms save lives but only if they are properly maintained and functioning correctly. For that reason, it is a legal requirement to have them serviced and maintained at least twice a year, and this must be carried out by a competent person with the required skills, training and qualifications.

Citation’s fully trained engineers can provide you with the peace of mind that you are legally compliant and have done all you can to protect your school from harm’s way.

As a Citation customer, you will benefit from:

  • Thorough servicing of all your fire alarms carried out by our fully trained engineers
  • Expert advice on how often your school’s fire alarms need servicing and if the system continues to be sufficient for your activity
  • The expertise of a BAFE SP203-1 registered company, providing you with quality assurance
  • Price guarantee for the best like-for-like service quote, with no call out or travel charges

What laws regulate fire alarms that apply to my school?

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) is the overarching legislation covering fire safety.

For schools to comply with the RRO, your premises, facilities, equipment and devices must be regularly maintained by a qualified person. This includes your fire detection system, of which there could be a significant number depending on the size of your school.

The guidance set out in the British Standard BS 5839 states that fire alarm detection systems should be inspected by a qualified person at least twice a year, with weekly alarm tests completed and recorded every week by an internally appointed individual.

This is where Citation can help, as all their engineers are Fire Industry Association trained, who have also had all the necessary DBS checks that come with working in and around schools.

What is checked during the inspection process?

Fire alarms are intricate systems, which is why having them serviced by a qualified person is so important.

The condition of your fire alarm should be carefully checked during the inspection process. Specifically, careful attention should be paid to the suitability of the exterior condition of your fire alarm and the condition and power of your standby batteries and call points.

The inspection process should also check whether your fire alarm devices sound how they should and whether the link to the alarm centre works.

How often should fire alarms be tested?

Fire alarms should be run weekly. These tests are critically important to ensure that your devices are fully operational should the worst happen, and to ensure that everyone in your school knows how they sound.

A competent person should log the date and time of each fire alarm test, with appropriate action taken right away should a fault come to light.

It is essential that your fire alarm test log book is accurate and up-to-date. This is because it is your audit trail to demonstrate that you are on top of your legal duties, should you be called upon by an enforcing authority at any time.

Outside of your fire alarm tests, the below should be documented too:

  • The date, time, cause and duration of each time the fire alarm is triggered
  • Any faults found and what action was taken to repair them
  • The date and time of any instances whereby the fire alarm is disconnected
  • The date and time any alterations are made to your alarms
  • Any evacuation drills that are completed utilising your alarm system

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