PAT Testing

From kettles used in the staffroom to glue guns used in art classes, your pupils and employees are exposed to portable electric appliances on a daily basis. To comply with the 1989 Electricity at Work Regulations, all your portable electrical appliances legally require frequent testing known as ‘PAT Testing’.

Accidents involving electricity are rare but poorly maintained electrical equipment can, at worst, take lives, and the frequency of the use of electrical appliances in schools makes PAT Testing all the more important. Citation can provide you with the peace of mind that your school is protected from harm’s way and that you have met all your legal requirements.

As a Citation customer, you will benefit from:

  • Thorough inspections and testing of all your portable electrical appliances by NICEIC accredited engineers and a reputable ISO 9001 certified company
  • Minimal disruption with work carried out when it suits you best, e.g. during the school holidays
  • Price guarantee for the best like-for-like service quote, guaranteeing you value for money
  • Having every appliance individually labelled and accounted for
  • Comprehensive reporting detailing every item tested and its condition
  • No call out or travel charges

How often do portable appliances need to be tested?

There is no fixed rule on how often PAT Testing should be done, but it must be carried out regularly enough to ensure preventative maintenance.

Given appliances in schools are likely to be used by hundreds of pupils and employees on a daily basis, they are more likely to suffer from wear and tear, and so more frequent testing is likely to be needed.

All electrical appliances can be categorised as either Class 1 or Class 2 depending on the type of protection layers.

Class 1 equipment requires PAT Testing every 12 months and Class 2 equipment every 48 months. This is general guidance, and, in reality, it depends on how often and aggressively an appliance is used.

It is advisable to seek advice on how often portable appliances need testing, and this is something Citation’s NICEIC accredited engineers can help you with.

What portable electrical appliances need to be tested in schools?

Every single portable electrical appliance in your school requires PAT testing, each of which will have its own testing requirements.

For example, kettles require testing at least every 12 months, radios, TVs and stereos should be tested at least every 48 months, and photocopiers, monitors and IT equipment needs to be tested, on average, every two to four years.

Examples of areas that are likely to contain portable electrical appliances include design technology workshop, art classes, science laboratories and kitchens.

Citation’s accredited engineers can help you to identify the portable appliances which require testing, and how often this testing should be done.

Do I need to keep a record of PAT Testing that is carried out?

It is not a legal requirement to keep a record of PAT Testing.

However, a record will allow you to evidence that you are fully compliant and so it is advisable to have one.

Every item that has been PAT tested should have an asset label, to clearly indicate whether the item has passed or failed the test.

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