HR Services

At EPM we provide support to help schools manage complex casework such as disciplinary, grievance, capability and staff reductions. We are proactive, providing updates, briefings and training for schools on all aspects of education HR. We see our role as supporting school leadership to ensure the achievement of excellence in the school’s main purpose – teaching and learning.

Our HR portal enables fast and efficient appointment and contract changes, generating contract documents to your required format. Our experts view the same records as you see enabling us to advise you on employee specific contracts, conditions of service and salary matters.

EPM’s Integrated HR and Payroll Services 

We understand that schools require a fast and efficient payroll service.

Since April 2001 EPM has offered a comprehensive payroll service to those customers who have a full HR service and we now have over 800 customers using our integrated service. EPM understands that it is frustrating for a school to have to resolve payroll problems, so we know it is crucial that payroll is correct each and every time.

Our team consists of people who possess the specialist knowledge needed to cope with new legislation, such as Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment, along with the frequent changes in government policy and constant upgrading of information. Working solely within the education sector, our priority is to ensure that both our systems and our staff are always up-to-date in order to process, manage and advise in relation to relevant changes in legislation and government policies.

We manage all aspects of payroll. PAYE, pension contributions, union subscriptions, attachment and court orders are all automatically calculated, deducted and forwarded to the relevant authority by electronic transfer, along with any required reporting.

EPM also offer the following benefits for customers using the integrated service:

  • Real-Time access to the school’s staffing records and comprehensive monthly payroll reports, in both pdf and excel format, available to download via our secure web portal.
  • Realistic closing dates for HR notifications, payroll variations of additional payments due and absence records submitted through the portal in order to accommodate the needs of the school.
  • Dedicated named contacts for HR and Payroll working together closely to deal with all of the school’s needs, no matter how complex. This ensures a comprehensive, efficient and accurate service.
  • The ability to preview reports summarising the monthly total cost of payroll and the ability to see whose pay has changed. This enables the school to view and adjust the payroll, if necessary, before it is processed.
  • Assistance with the requirements for Auto Enrolment.
  • Processing the sickness and maternity policies for the school. We will calculate sickness dates and draft maternity schedules to inform the employee of their entitlement.
  • Individual attention to each customer, irrespective of size.
  • A BACSing facility to process payments on behalf of customers.
  • Monthly and annual Local Government and Teachers’ Pension returns. (Starters, leavers, variations, and a breakdown in contributions paid over on the schools behalf)
  • Submission of data in compliance with HMRC regulations for all schools, including the monthly submission of data upon the introduction of RTI.
  • E-Payslips.
  • Appropriate reports and payments sent to third party providers as required.

If you are thinking about changing your payroll provider, 1st April is the most convenient date to move, as this currently coincides with the end of the financial year for your financial reporting and also simplifies the transfer of tax information.

A part-year transfer to EPM during the financial year may be possible, but it is important to consider the length of notice period you may have with your existing payroll provider and length of time it takes to set up the BACS facility with your bank.