Grievances can be challenging to manage and resolve and can sometimes result in a breakdown of employment relationship. Our HR specialists will support you to effectively implement and follow your grievance procedure, and resolve disputes consistently and fairly.

As an EPM customer, you will benefit from*:

  • Detailed advice notes on legislative changes and other relevant information
  • Webinar training delivered by education experts on how to manage a grievance at both an informal and formal level
  • Access to model grievance policies and procedures including all procedural documents such as model templates to assist the Investigating Officer at early stages of investigation, resources to support with writing the grievance investigation report, invitation to formal meetings and hearing outcome letters
  • Support and advice on how to manage grievances informally and conduct formal grievance investigations including the management of both individual and collective grievances
  • Attendance at formal grievance hearings and appeals
  • Access to chargeable face to face training on managing employee grievances and conducting investigations

*Depending on your level of service with EPM.

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