Payroll & Pensions Services

For over a decade we have supplied a comprehensive Payroll and Pensions Service and currently have over 1000 clients using this provision.

We understand the challenges surrounding Payroll within the education sector, which is why we provide a fast and accurate service.

Our expert term possess the specialist knowledge needed to cope with legislation requirements, such as Real Time Information (RTI) and Auto Enrolment, along with the frequent changes in government policy and constant upgrading of information.

We manage all aspects of Payroll. PAYE, pension contributions, union subscriptions, attachment and court orders are all automatically calculated, deducted and forwarded to the relevant authority by electronic transfer, along with any required reporting.

Our Payroll and Pensions provides you with the following benefits:

  • Real-Time access to the School’s staffing records and comprehensive monthly payroll reports via our secure Web Portal
  • Realistic closing dates for HR notifications, Payroll variations and absence records submitted through the Portal
  • Dedicated named contacts to ensure a comprehensive, efficient and accurate service
  • The ability to preview reports allowing you to view and adjust the Payroll, if necessary, before it is processed
  • Assistance with the requirements for Auto Enrolment
  • The calculation, assessment and processing of sickness and maternity entitlement
  • Draft maternity schedules informing the employee of their entitlement
  • A BACSing facility to process payments on your behalf
  • Monthly and annual Local Government and Teachers’ Pension returns
  • Submission of data in compliance with HMRC regulations for all Schools, including the monthly submission of data upon the introduction of RTI
  • Access to our ePayslips Portal
  • Appropriate reports and payments sent to third party providers as required

Dedicated Pensions Team

We have a dedicated Pensions Team, overseen by our Pensions Manager, which works in a strategic capacity to keep abreast of pension reform changes and ensure our systems are compliant and up-to-date with the most recent pension requirements for both Teachers’ Pensions and Local Government Pension Schemes.

The Pensions Team work closely with both Teachers’ Pensions and Local Government Pensions and attend relevant industry briefings and conferences to ensure our service remains current and compliant with any legislative changes.

We work closely with almost 50 different pension funds and ensure we report information which is in line with their requirements. We regularly engage with pension funds to investigate ways to automate and streamline the provision of information.

EPM actively engage with pension specific user groups and forums to make sure we are at the forefront of any legislative changes, allowing us to be involved at the consultative stages and to outline any software development needs at the earliest opportunity.

Inclusive of our Payroll & Pensions Specification, we support our customers with the following duties:

  • Assessment of contribution bands
  • Auto enrolment assessment at the staging date, the re-enrolment date and continual monitoring on a monthly basis of non-eligible employees
  • Payment of monthly contributions via BACS in accordance with the funds payment deadlines
  • Completion and submission of relevant forms for LGPS – Starters, leavers, variations
  • Completion and submission of year end return for LGPS
  • Completion and submission of Monthly Data Collection (MDC) for Teachers’ Pensions
  • Completion and submission of monthly reports detailing the contributions broken down into the contribution bandings
  • Reports are provided via the EPM Portal to support Schools with their completion of the End of Year Certificate (EOYC) and to support with requirements under the Teachers’ Pension Audit