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London Academy is a mixed all-through school and sixth form serving over 1,500 students aged four to 18, and employing more than 200 staff.

Living by the motto of “leaders for tomorrow”, its mission is to encourage young people to actively strive to shape the future.

We spoke to London Academy’s Executive Principal, Paddy McGrath, about how EPM support their consistently high exam results, Ofsted inspections and all-round pupil and parent satisfaction.

Keeping up-to-date

Running a school while keeping on top of all the latest legislation and policy changes can be complex. We understand your challenges, and help you remain at the forefront of the education sector.

EPM provide “reassurance and access to current thinking”.

“I do not need to worry about whether there are any changes to legislation or policies. There is always an updated policy, or termly update that they do centrally, which people can attend in person, or they offer webinars that people can watch online.

“I am therefore confident that I and others within the organisation have got access to up-to-date materials and policies, and any changes in legislation.”

Supporting success

We save schools both time and money so that they can focus on education.

“For us, it was teaming up to make sure that our HR, Payroll & Pensions were in one place. Cost was obviously a major factor in that, and EPM have not only offered very good value for money, but access to a really good team. The people that we met we felt actually, yes, we can work with these, and we can form good relationships with them.

“When you are engaging in any kind of service-level agreement outside of the school, you want to make sure that there is a partnership feeling. Although their people are not employed by you directly, you want to make them feel like they are employees, and we are all part of the same team working towards the same goals.”

Life without EPM

Our schools wouldn’t be without us, which is why leaders that choose us, stay with us.

“I think we would grind to a halt on some things without EPM, and it certainly would not function as well as it does. I actually cannot imagine what life would be like, so I do not really want to think about it to be honest.”

We put pupils first

“For me, a key factor in choosing EPM was that they were children-focused like us, it was about delivering best outcomes for students. So, although they are a HR, Payroll & Pensions provider, they see that their role is very important in terms of delivering for the children and that is what we are here to do.”

“That is why I liked them and that is what sums them up: they want to deliver, like we do, the best outcomes for the children who are in schools.”

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