Providing HR, Payroll & Pension services, consultancy and training to the education sector

HR Services

With a 100% focus on the education sector, EPM are at the forefront of the education landscape. We have extensive experience and understanding of HR issues in Schools and can help you to attain the high level of staff management expertise necessary to maintain a successful School. Working with 1,500 customers across 100 Local Authority areas, we have a wealth of experience dealing with local terms and conditions of employment of staff in a range of settings.

By providing proactive, timely and meaningful advice, we enable you to deliver excellent results and drive improvement; all of which are fundamental to achieving and maintaining successful School status.


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Payroll & Pensions Services

Our fast and accurate Payroll & Pensions Service comprises of expert teams with in-depth knowledge of Local Government and Teachers’ Pensions Schemes and schools teachers’ pay arrangements.

We are the only education specific Payroll & Pensions Provider to be accredited by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) for achieving the Payroll Assurance Scheme and the Payroll Quality Partnership. Our Payroll & Pensions service was recently deemed ‘exemplary’ by CIPP which followed our shortlisting for National Payroll Provider of the Year 2017.

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DBS Service

EPM are one of the largest DBS providers, placing 21st out of 3,253 registered bodies. We offer all Schools that purchase our full HR, Payroll & Pensions Service the use of our DBS Portal for the processing of DBS applications. Our DBS Portal allows all checks to be completed online, enabling results to be confirmed as soon as possible. Our average turnaround time is 8 days, with 54.50% of applications being completed within 5 days. Our DBS Portal provides you with a fast, paperless and error free application process.

This service can be purchased separately.

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